Keith Purser was born in Kent and attended the Sidcup School of Arts in the 1960s.


As an artist he balances two very different styes used in his landscape paintings, one firgurative and the other abstract. As an abstract painter, Purser breaks down the sea and shore into amities of colour, form and texture. This artwork is about shitfting weather and changing the moods of the coast.

As a figurative painter, Purser's work is almost a tribute to English art. These paintings of the down-at-heel, resorts and gently rusting harbour towns of the South Coast capture the charm of these places.


These two different parts of Purser's work are always meeting, softly and by chance. The vernacular often steals into the most abstract of works by way of found objects picked off the beach, whilst a Modernist formal sensibility orders the seafront houses into a harmonious arrangement of blocks of colour.


He now lives and works within sight of the coast of France.