Stanley Spencer 1891-1959

<span class="title">Zacharias & Elizabeth<span class="title_comma">, </span></span><span class="year">c.1912-13</span>
<span class="title">Cottage at St Ives Back Street West<span class="title_comma">, </span></span><span class="year">1938</span>
<span class="title">The Harbour, St Ives<span class="title_comma">, </span></span><span class="year">1937</span>
<span class="title">Rending the Vale of the Temple Twain<span class="title_comma">, </span></span><span class="year">1920</span>
<span class="title">The Artist's Left Hand<span class="title_comma">, </span></span><span class="year">1913</span>
Stanley Spencer
Zacharias & Elizabeth, c.1912-13
gouache on paper, inscribed & square up for transfer
inscribed & titled on back-board
7 3/4 x 7 3/4 in / 19.5 x 19.5 cm