Bryan Ingham 1936-1997

Bryan Ingham was an English painter, sculptor, collage and graphic artist. He attended St Martin's School of Art from 1957-61, the Royal College of Art from 1961-64 and the British Academy, Rome in 1966, winning a number of awards including an Italian Government scholarship, The Leverhulme Research award and an award from Atelier Haus, Worpswede, Germany. 
Ingham's work engages with the crucial period of Cubism from 1912-16 and the work of Picasso, Braque and Gris in particular. However, his interests and inspirations are diverse and include the work of Kurt Schwitters, Robert Rauschenberg, Giorgio Morandi and even Piero della Francesca.
An innovator in almost every medium imaginable, Ingham's work concentrates on both real and implied space within the surface of the picture. This often entails relief or collage. It is perhaps of little surprise that he found an affinity with 'carving and quarrying' plates as an etcher. He later took to interpreting his ideas in three-dimensions, with still life subjects cast into relief sculptures.